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Nine winners were chosen from an initial pool of more than 5,925 entrants and honoured at an awards ceremony in Ålesund, Norway.

  • Nine design category winners announced by BORN and Land Rover, plus three special prizes
  • Awards ceremony in Ålesund, Norway, alongside an exhibition including winners and runners-up
  • New ‘BORN Conversations’ summit – where creativity meets business
  • Online registration now open for 2018 Land Rover BORN Awards
  • BORN is a market network helping to foster creative leadership



Land Rover and BORN are pleased to announce the winners of the Land Rover BORN Awards 2017.

Nine winners were honoured at a ceremony in Ålesund, Norway, chosen from an initial pool of more than 5,925 entrants spanning multiple creative industries across the BORN market network:

Bruno Moinard of 4BI & Associés (Architecture Design Prize) ◾Vanessa Stofenmacher of Vrai & Oro (Sustainability Prize) ◾Artist Terry Rodgers and Marc Larminaux of Lalique (Bespoke Design Prize) ◾Bodo Sperlein of Bodo (Home Design Prize) ◾Marco Biancullo, Fabio de Silva, Carlo Borromeo and Filippo Sgalbazzi of Borromeo & De Silva (Leisure Design Prize) ◾Davide Jais of Coast Society (Lifestyle Fashion Prize) ◾Fabien Nauroy of Native Union (Design Objects Prize) ◾Anders Bringdal and Alain Thébault of SeaBubbles (Technology and Innovation Prize) ◾Professor Jacques Proust of Nescens (Wellbeing Prize)

Three special prizes were also awarded:

◾Julie Brangstrup of Cash & Rocket (Social Impact Prize) ◾Anthony Delon of Anthony Delon 1985 (Re-Born Prize) ◾Elena and Giulia Sella of DesignByGemini (Emerging Talent Prize)

The collaboration between BORN and Land Rover is founded on mutual respect for the importance of design in changing the world and a shared belief in the principles of innovation, creativity and beauty. As in previous years, this year’s award was created by the Land Rover design team.

The 2017 Land Rover BORN Awards are themed around ‘reductionism’, embodied in the new Range Rover Velar, with its elegant, technologically rich form. It follows a successful collaborative exhibition held by BORN and Land Rover focusing on the same theme at Milan Design Week in April.

With the culmination of the 2017 Land Rover BORN Awards, the BORN family has grown by 12 members, which itself already spans the globe and everything from fine art to sport and leisure design, interior design and architecture to homeware and fashion. I founded the BORN market network to offer a platform for designers and brands to showcase their creations, to connect with design lovers and to bring them together with other innovators in the industry – but BORN is more than that, as these winners show - Jean-Christophe Chopin, Founder and CEO of BORN

The 2017 awards ceremony is the first to be held outside Courchevel, France. Also new this year is the ‘BORN Conversations’ summit. Conceived by Jean-Christophe Chopin in collaboration with Christophe Amenc and Thierry Malleret, co-founders of the Summit of Minds conference, it takes place in parallel to the Awards in Norway. The summit will offer a platform for discussion and sharing ideas. It will focus on the intersection of creativity and business, and the difficulties of balancing the two. BORN Conversations will be launched on a larger scale in London in 2018.

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